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"Masked & Manly: The Ultimate Guide to Men's Skincare Routine"

Updated: Feb 4, 2023

5 Easy Skincare Tips for Men | Unify Private Studio

So, you’ve never used skincare, you’ve got facial hair and you’ve started to notice your skin isn’t feeling as healthy as it used too?.

Fine lines, acne, dehydration, and premature aging aren’t just exclusive to female skins. Skin is skin right? Wrong, male skin is biologically different and suffers specific skin conditions that requires a skincare regimen just like female skin does.

The chances are you may have seen ALL the skincare products on your significant others bathroom shelf, you may have even randomly grabbed and dabbed at something with a “she’ll be right” attitude and hoped for the best.

It maybe you are an educated skincare user or just starting out and granted, starting a skincare routine can be overwhelming but the good news is times are changing and healthy skin is literally at your fingertips!

Skin care companies recognise that males make up a huge % of the skin are market. According to the Beauty Directory, the male grooming market in Australia has grown rapidly over the last few years. In terms of pharmacy channel sales, in 2019 the male skincare market reached $9.6 million, whereas this year it soared to $10.1 million.


Men's Skincare Routine | Unify Skin & Laser Clinic

Male skin is, on average, approximately 25% thicker than female skin. Constant shaving causes excessive exfoliation and a build-up of skin thickness, the texture can also feel rougher.

  • The collagen content is higher than female skin, which means you get to look younger for longer.

  • Men have more active sebaceous glands and therefore more pores than women. Both the sebaceous glands and the pores are larger than those of women.

  • Sebum production is double that of women because of hormones. Androgens known as testosterone are responsible for the production of sebum in male skins, so male skin is oilier and shinier than female skin. As a result, its pH is lower than that of female skin and is prone to impurities and acne.

  • Adult males are less prone to dry skin however dehydration caused by shaving can be a real concern for some men.

  • Men are most affected by sagging skin combined with puffy eyes and dark circles that make them look tired.

  • Men get wrinkles too, though they are often less of a concern than for women. Male wrinkles occur later than female wrinkles but, when they do appear, they are fully grooved.

  • Daily shaving stresses the skin and can cause irritation. It removes the uppermost layer of skin cells, exposing immature skin that is particularly sensitive.

  • Shaving foams, aftershaves and shaving balms can dehydrate the skin and strip it of its barrier function. 40% of men have shaving-related skin problems. Younger and fair skinned men are particularly prone.


  1. Cleanse daily with a gel or cream cleanser to remove dirt, excess oil and perspiration particularly after exercise. Cream cleansers make a great alternative to harsh shaving gels if shaving rash is a concern.

  2. Tone or spritz with a hydrating product after cleansing to restore the skins natural pH level and keep the skin hydrated.

  3. Exfoliate to deep cleanse, unclog blocked pores and refine the skin texture making it feel smoother. Weekly exfoliation may help to reduce ingrown hairs on the face and neck.

  4. Apply a lightweight serum or moisturiser daily to reduce rashes and dryness caused by shaving. Moisturising after a shower can help trap moisture in the skin and prevent dehydration. Feeding the skin antioxidants can help repair the skin and prevent premature aging.

  5. Never leave home without applying an SPF30+ sun protection 365 days a year.


Male focused facial treatments are on the increase, salons and clinics have recognised that men are becoming more skin savvy and interested in what may be on offer to help maintain a healthy skin. Treatments such as Medi peels, micro skin needing, laser carbon facials and acne treatments are perfect for men who want quick, results driven treatments without the beauty salon feel.

At Unify Skin & Laser Clinic we are Unisex and inclusive. We understand that not all men feel comfortable booking into a beauty salon for a facial. The concept of Unify Skin & Laser Clinic compliments Unify Private Studio with clean neutral tones and a friendly yet professional atmosphere. Our skincare is Doctor formulated to treat and protect the skin from one of the harshest climates in the world - the Australian sun and our Cosmedical facial treatments are targeted to get RESULTS! Our mission is to make skincare and skin treatments available to anyone with a desire for healthy skin. We want you to feel welcome regardless of gender the minute you walk in the door.


Skincare makes shaving rash worse

Shaving rash or razor burn is a common skin concern for men. Constant shaving causes the skin on the face and neck to become irritated, sensitive, red and tender. Using harsh shaving gels, creams and lotions often make this condition worse, look for products that contain ingredients that will treat the skin as you shave. Ingredients like Aloe Vera, hyaluronic acid, vitamins such as ABCE for healing, rosehip oil, green tea and witch hazel. You want the skin to feel hydrated, soothed and calm after shaving.

Men don’t need skincare

All skins need skincare regardless of skin type, skin condition and gender! Skin conditions are not discriminatory, often neglecting the skins basic needs will lead to more serious skin conditions down the track. Start with a simple skincare routine to regulate oil flow, deep cleanse and unclog the pores. CLEANSE –EXFOLIATE – MOISTURISE – PROTECT

These four simple steps will help to remove oil and impurities, regulate oil flow and rebalance the pH of the skin after shaving, don’t forget to apply SPF 30+ daily when outdoors to prevent the damage caused by UVA and UVB rays.

Using skincare will make my skin oilier

This is a common misconception and it couldn’t be further from the truth. Skincare products DO NOT make more oil. Oily skin is the skin type you are born with, men however do have more sebaceous glands per centimetre therefore produce more oil, particularly with the onset of puberty and an increase in testosterone. Oily skin tends to be dehydrated due to shaving and not protecting the skin from moisture loss. It can be confusing as the skin may appear flaky yet oily at the same time, applying ingredients like Hyaluronic acid which is found naturally in the skin can replace moisture loss and alleviate the dry flaky feeling. Male skin responds well to daily cleansing with a gel cleanser that contains glycolic acid to help regulate oil flow and remove impurities, gentle exfoliation weekly to unclog pores, daily moisturising with a lightweight vitamin enhanced serum that is easily absorbed and daily SPF 30+ to lock in hydration and protect the skin.

Is it ok to wash my face with soap and water?

Men tend to enjoy that “clean” feeling they get using a soap cleanser in the shower. In fact, most soaps contain alkaline and have a high pH level resulting in a tight dry feeling. Soap that is intended for the body should never be used as a face wash; it strips the natural oil from the skin which is needed to maintain the skins health. Without this natural barrier the skin may become red, irritated and sensitive leaving it open for bacterial infection. A good cleanser either gel or cream should be used twice a day to wash away dirt, impurities and excess oil from the face leaving it feeling clean and soft. You may also find that shaving with a facial cleanser can alleviate shaving rash, our skin is acidic i.e. our pH balance is between 4 and 6.5 so using anything high than 7 is alkaline and considered harmful.

Men and Women can use the same skincare

Sure, men and women can use same skincare this is correct however, it is a well-known fact that each client regardless of gender will have a different skin type i.e. oily, dry, normal or combination and a different skin concern. Skin concerns range from dehydration, sensitivity, pigmentation, premature aging, blemished acne prone skin, to more serious conditions such as eczema, dermatitis, herpes and rosacea.

It is also a fact that men’s skin is 25% thicker, contains more sebaceous glands and has more collagen than female skin which means while grabbing and dabbing your partners skincare products wont damage your skin, it also won’t be as effective in treating your specific skin type and condition. We recommend having a consultation to determine the right products for you, your skin will thank you for it down the track.

Mens Skincare Product | 5 Easy Skincare Tips for Men

Skin O2 cosmeceuticals are all vegan, ethical, cruelty free, dermatologically tested, fragrance free and non-acnegenic.

Made with potent and effective top performing, gold standard dermatological & clinically proven ingredients without any of the harmful ones.

The Skin O2 range of products contain the highest amount of over-the-counter active ingredients to ensure optimum skin health, including no pore-clogging & irritating ingredients, perfect for male skin. They contain no toxic nanoparticles, no harsh chemicals & no irritating additives.

They say NO to a long list of synthetic chemicals, NO to harming our animal friends, NO to hidden ingredients and NO compromise on results and effectiveness and YES to ingredients from nature that are good for you, your wallet, and the environment too. The green packaging is all made from recycled materials.


At Unify Skin & Laser Clinic we answer all your questions before you start your treatments.

Experience does count and we want you to know you’re in safe hands.

Call: 0407 413 180 or

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Author: Deborah Allen

21st July 2021


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