Tattoo aftercare is an essential part of the tattoo process. Looking after your new piece of art will give it the best chance to look as beautiful as it can. There are several methods that are offered up throughout the industry with small variation here there and it’s always best to listen to your artist but it’s also important to know your body, but as it said often by some of our own artists - there are never any dumb questions. Here at Unify we not only want to give you the best experience in the shop, we want to help you throughout the entire process the best we can.



For those of you who are unfamiliar with or don’t already have your own method, this is our process for taking care of and healing your new tattoo.

There are many different methods that may work, varying from artist to artist and person to person. Everyone is slightly different in what may work for them and what products work best with their skin.

This is the process we recommend to all of our clients to ensure the safest healing process and for the best healed results. Its also the process we use to heal our own tattoos as well. 

A tattoo can take anywhere from 7-14 days to look healed.

However under the surface your tattoo will still be healing and the full process can take up to a month for it to be fully settled and your skin to look normal again.

Healing time will depend on size, style, placement, type of tattoo, your age and your body.

It is knowledge that has come from many years of combined experimentation and experience.
It has been proven to work, time and time again with rarely any issues, giving you the best looking healed results.

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It may feel weird to ask questions to your artist after your session. We understand there’s something off putting about asking what you may feel is obvious but in reality, there are no dumb questions. Asking and learning is part of the process and wanting to know the what’s what never hurt anyone. Here you can find a few of them more frequently asked questions but never hesitate to ask your artist either.


If you ever have doubts about the hygiene of your tattoo shop. Forgot it. It is absolutely necessary that a sterilized environment is presented for you and here at Unify we strive to be the best and maintain a pristine workplace for not only our client but for ourselves. Grants we aren't performing open surgery but there is still a high standard to be maintain within the industry that we strife to exceed.


Anything in life worth doing involves some pain or discomfort, whether its physical or mental. This can include training, going to the gym, learning a language, even doing daily tasks so some. The pain of tattoo is mild, short lasting and ceases as soon as the tattoo is complete. There is only discomfort whilst the ink is actually being out into th skin. This is not a constant process, there and any starting and stopping points and it doesn't take long for your body to work out what's hopping and you grow used to it. Ofcourse, some spots hurt a touch more but at the end of the day, you get some really cool art on you to show off!


You may of heard that numbing cream can help if your abit sensitive to the potential pain and want to know if you can use it? This answer varies between all artists. Some prefer not to use it and some find it fine, it’s always best to ask this question to individuals as there is no definite answer.
Shared knowledge though is the fact there are some questionable ‘ numbing creams’ out there.
Occasionally you’ll find an artist that worries about the effect of it and the effect it has on the skin while being tattooed. We at Unify have differing opinions as individuals ourselves so it is best to ask your artist before the session.


Generally, we at Unify try to base our quotes by the hour at our Individual rates. We have a shop minimum of $130 for our apprentices and the maximum rate again is varied at day rates which currently span from $800 to $1100. You can always plan a quote with your chosen artist and work toward a later day if it’s slightly out of budget for the moment. Saving for cool art is worth it and really give you something to look forward to! Have the funds now and ready to go? We try our absolute best to get you as fast as possible with schedules so swing an enquiry through!



Find a gallery of healed pieces from our artists below